ApaNa Issue 2 April – July 2020

By Michele-Lauren Hackshaw

Although the menstrual cup was introduced aeons ago, it only recently made a resurgence and a powerful one too! The menstrual cup is a reusable feminine hygiene product fitted under the cervix to collect menstrual blood. It is shaped like a funnel and is typically made of flexible medical-grade silicone. 

Period poverty is a global issue. It is most common in women and girls in underprivileged communities who have no or limited access to feminine hygiene products as well as safe and hygienic areas to use such products. They have no choice but to use rag cloths which increases the risk of infection. In some countries, women feel embarrassed and fearful during this time of the month due to the community stigma attached to menstrual health. It is a human right that no woman should feel shame or anxiety due to the natural occurrence of her female anatomy! 

This reality often leads to …

Menstrual Cup

Michele-Lauren Hackshaw is currently studying for her BSc Health and Nutrition at Edgehill University, United Kingdom. She has a strong interest in public health.

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