As the perception of plastic has shifted from a wonder material to a public scourge, the forces of opportunity present leaders with a chance to drive positive societal change that makes business sense.  

PA Consulting’s report on Innovation for Sustainability: Solving the Plastics and Packaging Challenge  examines how consumer packaged goods companies and retailers are delivering sustainable plastics and packaging solutions.

Based on insights from change leaders in world-leading organisations and best practice case studies, PA’s  report identifies the risks – and rewards – associated with sustainability initiatives. It provides three strategies to sustainable plastics and packaging, less plastic, better plastic and no plastic

With case studies from Mondelez, Coca-Coal, Beauty Kitchen, Colgate Palmolive, Morrisons, Halo Coffee and more.

It’s time to get serious about sustainability – to unlock trillions of pounds worth of commercial opportunities and create a positive human future. 

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