Small-Craft Chocolate Makers Change Caribbean Cocoa Industry

Chris Brennan Pump Street Chocolate

Chris Brennan, Founder & Director, Pump Street Chocolate, Surrey, United Kingdom


Pump Street Chocolate contributes to a model that integrates values at the core of business practices. This model is based on sustainability, branding, paying a fair commodity price and giving back to the communities.

Chris Brennan, founder and director of Pump Street Chocolate, a Jamaican-born businessman living in the United Kingdom says small-craft (‘bean to bar’) chocolate-makers like himself have helped to liberalize the cocoa industry by insisting on good quality cocoa for their chocolate, paying reasonable prices for cocoa and cutting out the layers of middle-men in the industry.

Pump Street Chocolate’s ‘Bean to Bar’ and direct trade practice is based on a short supply chain.

The relatively short supply chain benefits both the growers and the consumers.  Its success is built on good relationships with the chocolate consumer, chocolate maker and the farmer

Chris knows that the chocolate bar he produces is as good as the quality of the cocoa he puts into it. A great deal of care goes into crafting Pump Street chocolate bars…