Want to Promote A Civil Society Organisation and Help Build its Brand?

There are great examples of how our Caribbean nonprofit partners are helping our people, communities and protecting the planet but they lack the resources to showcase their efforts and impact.  

ApaNa is working with civil society and community organisations to help the Caribbean advance to share their stories and raise the voices of people who are leading a moving for transformative change and sustainability.  

We provide a multi-media platform to make connections and provide the information to support their mission in our tri-annual magazine, special editions and on our website. We share their good works, perspectives and best practices through pictures, videos and stories that demonstrate their capacity, achievements, successes and impact. 

It is our mission to showcase the hundreds of civil society and community organisations in at least 10 Caribbean countries that are making an impact in the Caribbean to ensure their long-term sustainability in these challenging times.  We aim to connect them to partners, funders and potential beneficiaries who are our audience. 

Our nonprofit partners and media partners count on us to make this happen and we, in turn, are counting on you to support us.   

We are depending on your donation to do it.  There is nothing like it in the Caribbean.

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Your donation will help us increase the exposure of Caribbean nonprofit organisations to support their long-term sustainability.   

If you want to sponsor a nonprofit of your choice, please email us and we will get in touch.

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