ApaNa Issue 2 April – July 2020


You may possess clothes that you do not wear or want because they are no longer your size or style but they still hold value. Why not participate in thrift schemes and programs that end over-consumption while protecting the planet? 

Cultural Shift 

In the Caribbean, there is still the stigma attached to accepting or buying secondhand clothes and, the feeling that wearing those clothes is degrading and for the poor. As 35-year old Tina, a receptionist from Bridgetown, Barbados said, “When I was growing up we did not want to wear second-hand clothes because it represented people not having enough money to spend on new clothes.” However, attitudes toward secondhand clothes are changing and businesses are cashing in, particularly in developed countries where the thrift economy is well-developed. Climate concerns and the need to protect our environment are driving a boom in the resale industry. This cultural shift is yet to take off in the Caribbean. 

Clothing Waste

Clothing waste is one of the biggest pollutants. It is hard to believe that 85% of clothes end up in the garbage and later in the landfills. It is said that the cotton for T-shirt requires 2000 litres of water and toxic pesticides to produce. It is then processed using chemical dyes and bleaches that contaminate the waterways. This…


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