Nonprofits: Case Studies Tell Your Story

Companies prefer to work with experienced nonprofit partners.  That is why they end up working with nonprofits that know how to execute corporate partnerships.  Case studies provide evidence of a nonprofit’s capacity, achievements and impact. 

This is proof that companies want before they choose to work with you.  Nonprofits often believe that they will have the opportunity to tell a company about a successful partnership when they meet in person. But that is not how it works.  Companies are looking for case studies on the nonprofits’ website or other digital media channels before they contact them.   

Consequently, nonprofits struggle to attract corporate partners because companies cannot find examples of their successful corporate partnerships online or in the media. While nonprofits may have those examples, they do not publicize them on their website or media channels.   Showcasing a nonprofit’s work and impact through case studies is important for attracting corporate partnerships. 

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