The Magazine for Social Engagement and Sustainability in the Caribbean

ApaNa Magazine is a specialized regional publication for sustainability and social engagement with specific focus on the Caribbean.  ApaNa covers current topics on leadership, corporate social responsibility, business, cause-related marketing and sustainability trends and issues, expert opinion and perspectives and personal stories of beneficiaries of philanthropy and charity.  Apana highlights socially responsible businesses, sustainability trends and cause-related marketing with the local and regional context of the Caribbean. The magazine features partnerships and alliances, social causes and development initiatives of philanthropists, charities, companies, donors and individuals and the social impact in the Caribbean.

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Not Just A Magazine but a Philosophy

Filled with original and curated content on a range of topics, ApaNa captivates, inspires, informs and engages a sophisticated reader who is interested in the betterment of people.

Published 3 – 4 times per year, ApaNa Magazine is an independent magazine dedicated to sustainability and social engagement in the Caribbean and beyond.


A Niche Magazine

We are funded by readers and sponsors who allow us to take a candid and objective view of sustainable development in the region while highlighting the impact of responsible business practices, philanthropic and development initiatives and the good works of civil society organisations and individuals.

The Big Picture

We connect the business and social communities that are making a difference to our communities and our environment. We focus on integrating corporate citizenship, good works, and social good for sustainable development.


Our Buzz

Our Caribbean focus is centered on people, philanthropy and impact.  We share what matters to socially and environmentally-conscious consumers and influencers through stories, studies, insights, interviews, perspectives and informative articles within the local, regional and international context.  

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“ApaNa inspires, motivates and celebrates our reader’s journey towards a better and sustainable future for the Caribbean and the world-at-large. “

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