Human Choices Will Drive More Outbreaks

ApaNa Issue 2 April – July 2020

The coronavirus pandemic changed our lives in a few short weeks. An unforeseen disruptor that has created a new reality. Governments, businesses and civil society are simultaneously dealing with an unprecedented global health challenge that has disrupted health systems, economies and societies. As governments closed their borders, limited movement and restricted access to deal with the crisis, formal social distancing, self-isolation and quarantines became the norm. 

The number of confirmed cases in the Caribbean is rising and no one can anticipate the extent of the social and economic fallout. Governments, businesses, civil society and individuals fear the worst. Experts believe that this is not the last major outbreak and we should expect more epidemics. 

Why? They say it is the result of the way human beings are interacting with the planet. Our choices are driving… 

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