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Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance, Jamaica

Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance - Q & A with Professor Rosalea Hamilton Jamaica
Issue 4

Cayman Islands Tree Planting Project

Q & A with four Cayman Islands youth who are spearheading the Cayman Islands Tree Planting Project - a part of the wider Caribbean Tree Planting Project. They are Marleigh Smith, Yasmin Vernon, Thomas Dickens, Nicolas Corin and Mathew Gilmore. Bill LaMonte supports the team as Adult Advisor.

Coral Reef Restoration Alliance, Barbados

Coral Reef Restoration Alliance - Interview with Susan Mahon, President, CORALL, Barbados. Mission, Approach, and Notable Achievements of CORALL - 2018 -2020

Issue 3

Faces of Cancer Saint Lucia

Dorothy Philips, the founder, recounts her journey as a cancer survivor and why she decided to set up Faces of Cancer in Saint Lucia.

Issue 3

Ocean Heroes Network - Caribbean

In December 2020, 110 youth from 19 Caribbean nations and territories came together virtually at the Ocean Heroes Network Bootcamp. Leesa Carter-Jones, President of Captain Planet Foundation highlights her vision for the camp. Two young Cayman Ocean Heroes, Ben Somerville and Dejea Lyons talk about their passion.
Issue 4

Massy Stores St.Lucia - A Caribbean Company's Cause Campaign 12 years on

Massy Stores St.Lucia (formerly Consolidated Foods Ltd) provides a good example of a successful cause marketing campaign in the Caribbean.
Issue 4

Nature Fun Ranch Barbados - Corey Lane

Passion and Purpose of Corey Lane, Founder - An interview and overview of Nature Fun Ranch.
Issue 4

PAWASOL - Interview with Jane DuBoulay

PAWASOL Pour Ti Mamai. An interview with Jane DuBoulay, philanthropist and founder of PAWASOL Pour Ti Mamai, a charity organization for children in Saint Lucia.
Issue 4

The A.W.F.U.L Philanthropists

By Patricia Hackshaw
A charity (PAWASOL) was born when a group of ladies known as the Association of Walking Females and Usually Lunching (A.W.F.U.Ls) decided to dedicate their time to a worthy cause. Also included is a poem by one of the A.W.F.U.Ls, Sue Allamby entitled: The A.W.F.U.L's First Walk
Issue 4

Trees That Feed Foundation

Jamaican-born Mary and Michael McLaughlin supply fruit trees to feed the Caribbean, create livelihoods and protect the environment
Issue 4