Boost CSR Communications to Build Brand Loyalty

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now standard practice for your company as it aims to deliver on financial performance and positively contribute to society.

However, it is often difficult to effectively communicate the impact of responsible business practices and philanthropy on the lives of people, communities and the environment without overstating your social behaviour and risking stakeholder scepticism.

The reliance on advertising campaigns, press releases and annual reports to communicate a company’s good corporate citizenship is no longer enough and, companies are often accused of writing arbitrary reports to satisfy reporting commitments.

As the pressure for clear communications from independent and trusted spokespeople intensifies, CEOs and governing boards acknowledge that communication strategies on CSR must be more strategic and respond to authenticity.

How do you use your CSR achievements for positive public relations and minimize stakeholder scepticism?

How do you get a message across that resonates credibly with the discerning millennial or Gen Z who speak with their wallets and social values?”