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One-off Cause Marketing Campaigns are not Working
Sandals Foundation Receive Outstanding Leadership Award
World Travel Awards
ApaNa Magazine - Issue 1
December 2019
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It is becoming more apparent that recycling is not enough to reduce plastic waste in our environment.  John Vidal questions whether the type of plastic is the problem or the fact that large quantities of waste cannot be processed.  He also notes that greener alternatives may actually increase our carbon footprints.  For example, glass is heavier to transport and may increase our carbon footprint and paper bags are not often reusable. Consumer consumption and habits need to change and we need to design out waste and prolong the use of materials and products…  

The adverse effects of climate change are being experienced by developing countries, particularly low- and middle-income countries, at an increasing pace. Developing countries are often vulnerable to climate change…

Ocean plastic was first detected as far back as 1931 with old-fashioned metal boxes called continuous plankton recorders (CPRs).  The first recorded plastic caught by the CPR off the coast of Ireland was in 1965…

Issue #1 December 2019

ApaNa’s premiere issue is here! ApaNa is not just a magazine but rather an inextricable combination of a publication and a philosophy. Read More

Circular economy approaches advanced in 2019, particularly for plastics and packaging.  The explosion of media interest in the ocean plastics crisis has driven both consumers and regulars to see action.  Companies are responding with new strategies to reduce waste. 

Five Ways A Strong Environmental, Social and Governance Proposition Can Create Value.

Your business, like every business, is deeply intertwined with environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns…

Sustainability has become a more poignant topic in 2019 as a growing number of consumers voice concerns about the negative environmental impact derived from continued dependence on the world….

The social services sector in Jamaica is expected to benefit from a technical cooperation agreement between the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) and the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) innovation subsidiary, IDB Lab, valued at US$420,000…

2020 Regional Digital Transformation STEAM, Education and Innovation Symposium 10 -12 February, 2020 Saint Lucia


 In 2019, Sandals Foundation received the Outstanding Leadership In Social Responsibility Award at the 2019 World Travel Awards in Jamaica for its positive social impact in the Caribbean.  


In 2018, Jean-Claude Cournand of Trinidad & Tobago, through is work with The 2 Cents Movement, received the Queen’s Young Leaders Award at Buckingham Palace, London, England



Demand for Authentic CSR
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Companies face the challenge of striking the right balance between overstating their CSR contributions and using CSR activities for positive public relations....

Chris Brennan Pump Street Chocolate
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Chris Brennan, founder and director of Pump Street Chocolate, a Jamaican-born businessman living in the United Kingdom says...

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The reliance on advertising campaigns, press releases and annual reports to communicate a company’s good corporate citizenship is no longer enough

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Companies prefer to work with experienced nonprofit partners. Case studies provide evidence of a nonprofit’s capacity, achievements and impact. ..

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social cause
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It was a winter night in the Hague. Dinner was at 8pm. At 7:55pm, I arrived after peddling furiously to shatter the Caribbean stereotype ...

Saint Lucia Rasta Man Sustainable Tourism
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Tourism is today the primary fueler of many a Caribbean economy. However, the World Travel & Tourism Council’s 2018 Economic Impact Report...

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